With family and friends so spread out, we wanted to use the occasion to make the distances smaller and spend quality time with loved ones.  So, we are bringing people together to celebrate in a few different ways in a few different places.

The official wedding ceremony will be intimate and casual and held at the Lafayette Reservoir, a beautiful park near our home at 5pm on Wednesday, August 30th, and the reception will be in our backyard, just about a mile away.  The following morning, our immediate family will gather for the long weekend in Sonoma County to soak in the sunshine, cook together, and drink delicious wine.  Our fingers are crossed!  Finally, we will gather at the top of Chesapeake Bay on Saturday, October 21st at the North East Yacht Club to connect with our east coast family and friends during our absolute favorite time of the year.

Check out the events page for more details, and reach out if you have any questions!