Ladies Weekend – Part 1. NYC

Leading up to the wedding, I wanted to do something special for myself, with some special ladies. Kind of like a bachelorette party, but something chill – nothing Vegas style. The timing worked out to do a whirlwind trip, where I was able to go into NYC for a day, spend an evening in Brooklyn, and then go head to the Berkshires to see my friend perform in “Intimate Apparel”.

My day in Manhattan was super special, thanks to my dear cousin, Lauren. I took the red-eye into Newark and arrived at her place on the UES just in time to drop my bags off and head to a slow flow yoga class at Exhale. Coming up from sivasana, I felt like I had fully arrived. We showered up and I got to take the new 2nd Avenue subway down to SOHO where we had lunch and treated ourselves to nail-art manicures and sparkling wine at the Paint Box, and then strolled over to the Loopy Doopy rooftop bar at the Conrad to try their famous boozy popsicles.

From there, we took the A train to Brooklyn and met up with my long-time friends Becca (4th grade in NJ), Melanie (20s in Seattle), and Ashley (30s in NYC), for dinner at once of my favorite spots in my old neighborhood – French Louie. It was humid but not too hot, which made it comfortable to sit outside on the patio at the restaurant and then at the terrace of Ashley’s building for after dinner drinks and dessert. I’d asked the ladies to come prepared with some good love stories – what inspires them, things that make it work, and cautionary tales. While there were lots of laughs, and fun stories, there were two main take-aways for me: 1- don’t worry about what it looks like on the outside – focus on how it feels on the inside; 2- get a cleaning person. 🙂

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