Matt turned 40!

In between the bicoastal wedding celebrations, Matt turned the big 4-0! When given the choice of whatever he wanted to do, he chose to go on a long overdue backpacking trip to the Trinity Alps in north western California, his heart set on discovering some less traveled trails and spending a couple of evenings sleeping under the stars.  

There is something so humbling and awe inspiring about spending time in the wilderness… It had been a while, and we were out of practice… a few more years and a few more aches and pains but it all came back in a flash… the same giddy excitement about setting out on an unknown adventure, feeling of smallness from walking beneath majestic trees, and the delightful surprises that come around each turn and switchback on the trail- rock formations, creeks, waterfalls, wildflowers, windswept and oddly shaped trees, emerging vistas, the changing light and sky… it was a perfect way to celebrate this milestone birthday, give thanks for an amazing first 40 years of life and set some positive intentions for the next 40! 

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