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Our Story

Kelley and Matthew met in Seattle in 2002 and became friends after attending a party out on Port Townsend. They both brought their sisters, who both went to college in Virginia. Matt was immediately smitten, as Kelley and her sister, Meredith, had brought their bikes out to ride on the island.  He was perhaps less than impressed with her logistical planning, as she forgot they had to go immediately to the airport to pick up her other sister, Erin. Matt kindly offered to bring the bikes back to Seattle in his truck. Kelley picked them up a few weeks later, bringing a 6 pack of beer as a thank you, and they sat on his rooftop deck and drank a beer and started talking... this is just the beginning, and you know how it's turning out, but check back... we have 15 more years to cover:)