Planting Seeds

Now that we are having the CA party (and possibly the ceremony) in our backyard we have been dreaming up ways to make it more festive.  We thought it would be fun to plant some sunflowers around the fence, since that has emerged as our floral theme, and while I planted more than 50 seeds, we’ve only seen about 5 seedlings so far. We will continue to give them lots of love and hope for the best, but my visions of a field of sunflowers in the backyard are likely not going to come to fruition by August 30th.

Something else will come, though, and the gift in this for us has been and the opportunity to reflect on the miracle and mystery of life and love and doing what is in our control to create the conditions for growth and encouraging the seeds to grow. While you never know what will come up, the process of planting something with hope and anticipation brings out patience, positivity, excitement, steady devotion, nurturing, nourishment, light. And you are routing for the seed, to fight to grow, to emerge through the darkness of the soil and reach for and receive light, love and warmth, to be strong and resilient and realize it’s potential and singular beauty. And to keep faith and hope when things don’t work out to know that there are more seeds and planting seasons to try again.

Thinking of our relationship, and soon to be marriage, as a garden, my simple hope is that we will tend to each other to create the ideal conditions for the seeds in our hearts to grow and blossom.

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